Friday, May 26, 2006

Net friend

I have a net friend. We always made a date to login yahoo and chat before,
although we don't really know how each other looks like.
My impression was that he seemed a polite, friendly and humorous man. :)
Maybe in real life I won't have such friend like him....
Because we seem like from different world....
1) He speaks fluent english (english-educated), but my english is poor.
2) He is a rich man, and I m broke (lol)
3) He's using mineral water to wash his hair..... (lol)
and many many..........
But, I believe........
friendship will always exitence in different appearance. :)

P/s: He's also a smart guy coz he can guess what's I mean
when I m trying to tell him something but can't describe it
well with my lousy english. (lol)

Very embarrassing to chat with him through phone.....

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