Thursday, October 05, 2006

An accident ----> ridiculous

When we came back from lunch. and wanted drive into the car park. The car in front of us stop at
the side of the middle of the road to the car park. so, my colleague drove passed through the car from othe side.

Suddenly, one of the car door faced our side opened, and knocked to driver seat's door untill the car door a bit cave in. So, we all went down to take a look.
Firstly, the guy who opened the door did not said anything, but his colleagues were argued with us and said they are already put the signel so that we should aware of it.

wow...... so ridiculous because that is the only way to go to the basement car park and they shouldn't stop their car in the middle of the road although they put the signel. Plus, our car already pass half way through their car, and they should be the one who beware when open the door. But now, they are trying to evade the responsibilty to said that is our fault coz passed through their car???

I wonder what they will do if other way round??

Our Conversition

Blue = three of us
Red = 3 guys with 2 ladies

Man1 : I already put the signel. and u should beware of it.

L : Can the car stop here?

Lady1 : We already put the signel, u still want to pass, so you also wrong.

L : I also put signel before pass through. Before open the door, u should look outside first. if u already open the door, I knock to your car door, then it is my fault. But now,I already passed through half way, then u open the door and knock to my door, so this should be your fault.

Lady1 : It still count as front of the car.

me : It is your fault to open the door and knock our car's door, but now you try to evade the responsibility

Man1 : We did not evade it. I just said that it is two parties fault!

L : Can the car stop here?

Man1 : This lane didn't say car cannot stop!

* Hello, Highway also didn't say car cannot stop, so,
u can feel free to stop your car anytime lah?

~~ Thanks for Honey Tan as the translator ~~

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