Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Company Trip_Cherating

This year, We went to Cherating, Pahang as an company trip. We are stayed in Residence Inn in Cherating, which located at the popular Kampung Cherating along the East Coast main trunk road in the state of Pahang. Although the beach not as beautiful as Pulau Redang, Lang Tengah etc(Famous Islands in Terenganu). but we can having a lot of food there, especially seafood, very fresh and delicious, yummy! yummy!

Having breakfast in Projet Station, Gombak

on the road (Karak Highway)

Residence Inn (aiyoo, their service not good enough lah)

the interesting drawing in "unforgetable" restaurant

Cherating beach

Cherating beach


  1. So nice,got company trip.At Cherating some more.Why last time dont have this kind of "company trip" one,when i still working there???ai.....unfair!!!! :(
    HaHaHa!!! kidding only.

  2. hahaha.... Jonathan, this is our 3rd time went to company trip liao leh. last time is Pulau Redang, and last last time is Cameron Highland. quite ok one. Now we have recreation club, every stuff here have to give RM5, and company give half of the fund, so we can have company trip, christmas dinner and birthday cake every month.