Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gua Tempurung Trip (part 1)

15 . 4 . 2006 Saturday , Sunny Day

We got 13 people, 3 cars each with 4 people, and the other one going there from Pinang by himself.

We are having breakfast at Kampar -( a small town in Perak).

I ordered Claypot Yee Mee with cup of coffee, and Alycia ordered Dry Mee with cup of coffee.

The coffee that we're ordered were too sweet for both of us. as my other colleaugue -->KB was disagree with it, and she had finished it satisfactory. :)

The Items To Bring


Mineral Water

Red Bean Bread
RM 1.00

Tuna bread
RM 1.20

Whole Meal Tuna bread
RM 1.20

Hotdog bread
RM 1.60

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