Thursday, June 22, 2006

Heartbroken Mother

Today, 22 June 2006, Thursday

My sister called me and told me what had happened when she went back to hometown last week. My sister-in-law brought her boss's son to our house, he is a 5 year old boy who had been taking care by her mother.When the children playing together happily, suddenly he hit my nephew on his face. My nephew just keep quiet and didn't fight back or say anything, but his mother ---> my sister saw it happened and felt very hurt.

Hmm...... I can understand the feeling of a mother when she saw her child been bully by other people.

The 5 year old boy hit 8 year old boy.

My sister had "scold" him and tell him cannot bully other children.

She felt "heartbroken" because her son has been bully.


  1. 宇宇真是個乖巧的孩子,能夠這麼忍讓其他小孩子,很不容易啊~~

  2. 是咯,頑皮是頑皮,不過很老實. 所以我姐姐才心疼咯.