Friday, April 28, 2006

2 Pair of Twins and me

Siew Huey and PoYin were from difference pair of twins.

We are happy and dancing in office coz something "good" had happened that day. ^-^

Siew Huey is a vegetarian. she always say we put too much sweet in the coffee.

Accident occured when Siew Huey swing her body. It's really pain..... Untill now my finger still haven't fully recovered. :(

I've threaten her to finish my work behalf of me.


Poyin was my junior. but we were observed each other only after became colleague. She is a talented artist.(i think...) She has her own style on her artwork.
Sometime Siew Huey will lost in day dream. She always in a meditative mood untill couldn't concentrating in our conversation. She can chosen to listen or ignore it either, if she want :P

Poyin is a coke addict. In her opinion, coke is less sugar than the coffee.

Miss "Honey"

Miss Honey was born in 1979. Her hobby is horror comics and "rubbish" collecting . :P She like all the weird things. and always hold the oppose views with other people.(maybe she just want us to pay more attention on her?! ^_^) She like frog in comic but strongly dislike real frogs.

And, She called her car as ---> " xiao ying".

Friday, April 21, 2006

Gua Tempurung Trip_Kampar

Before back to Kuala Lumpur, we are having our Lunch in Kampar again around 3.30pm.
Kampar's famous dish is Curry Chicken Bread, of course we won't miss it. :)
actually that day we're ordered 2 type of chicken bread; one is curry chicken bread and the other one is Herbal chicken bread.

Consider that some among us are vegetarian,
Here are 2 types of vegetables dishes.

We're also ordered the steam fish with sauce,
and "pai gu wang" --> pork cooked with sauce.

This dish are called "zhao pai tau fu", which means
the most recommend and represented beancurd of the restoran.

(aiyoo..... sorry cause my broken english. :P I've been try my best to do all the explanation.)

Kampar Famous Biscuits

I like this kind of biscuit, it's very crispy than other similiar biscuit.

I think Every Malaysian know about this biscuit. isn't it?!!
but I still don't understand why it called " Chi Chai bing"?
translated to english is "chicken's biscuit". it's really funny, right?

"Sa Qi Ma" was kind of very sweet and sticky biscuit.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gua Tempurung Trip ---> Hong Choo :D

Hong Choo was my colleaugue and also my former classmate.
Her favourite color is Orange. (I noticed that she was wearing the orange color T-shirt the whole trip. Before and After bathing.)
This is the first time she's joinning company trip with us.

Here is something happened to her during the trip.

The shower fall down while she's bathing.

When she buy the more expensive biscuit from next door....

Gua Tempurung Trip (part 2)

Difference types of Batu Kapur

There have a lot of crystals in Gua tempurung which were protected by government. who ever steal it can be judge in jail 3 or 4 years.

The Adventure in Gua Tempurung got 4 levels. It's was really excited and adventured. Luckily we've buy the glove so that can support us with using both hands and legs to reached the higher places in gua although wearing sandal.
Alycia and me are wearing slipper. :P
And, she was injured.

Crawling in Water

Siew Chong extremely excited in this part, I keep listening her yelling" hao wan, hao wan" (means it's fun, it's fun)



After Sliding, there have a small hole or exit. Can't believed it! The hole looks so small!

Gua Tempurung Trip (part 1)

15 . 4 . 2006 Saturday , Sunny Day

We got 13 people, 3 cars each with 4 people, and the other one going there from Pinang by himself.

We are having breakfast at Kampar -( a small town in Perak).

I ordered Claypot Yee Mee with cup of coffee, and Alycia ordered Dry Mee with cup of coffee.

The coffee that we're ordered were too sweet for both of us. as my other colleaugue -->KB was disagree with it, and she had finished it satisfactory. :)

The Items To Bring


Mineral Water

Red Bean Bread
RM 1.00

Tuna bread
RM 1.20

Whole Meal Tuna bread
RM 1.20

Hotdog bread
RM 1.60

My Jacket

My Jacket

It's more like my "protector"........

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My handphone

This Handphone was a present from my sister. although have MMS system but i only used it as a normal phone and to send SMS.

morning in office

Some of us came early to office every morning to avoided the traffic jam.

And sleep in office untill working time.

sleep pose 1 ---->>

<<---sleep pose 2

Thursday, April 13, 2006

13 April 2006

Another day begin......

Try to convince myself everything will be ok and steadily....
Really don't know what had we achieved after so long time...

My Little nephew => Jie Ler

chinese means=> " Feeling Happy"

very naughty and talkactive boy

1/11 years old