Thursday, April 12, 2007


She is my colleague now
She was my former classmate
She is a subjective opinion person
That's why sometime we will have some argument

We always asked her to bought lunch box for us
(We are too lazy to go out having lunch coz the weather in Malaysia too hot)

Alycia and me like to teasing her ----> saying she falling to someone she hate.
like chinese say, hate because too care.... hahaha......

She looks fierce and serious when she keep quiet, that's why people who doesn't know her well don't dare to talk with her............

She said :" People who looks fierce and straight are the one most easily to get hurt."
coz don't know how to hiding own feeling untill get gurt .......


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  2. 她虽然有时侯有怪怪的言论,不过確是一个拔刀相助的朋友.

  3. 不知是你把她畫成這樣,還是她根本是這樣子呢?她看來像是不太快樂,好像很委屈的樣子.