Friday, April 21, 2006

Gua Tempurung Trip_Kampar

Before back to Kuala Lumpur, we are having our Lunch in Kampar again around 3.30pm.
Kampar's famous dish is Curry Chicken Bread, of course we won't miss it. :)
actually that day we're ordered 2 type of chicken bread; one is curry chicken bread and the other one is Herbal chicken bread.

Consider that some among us are vegetarian,
Here are 2 types of vegetables dishes.

We're also ordered the steam fish with sauce,
and "pai gu wang" --> pork cooked with sauce.

This dish are called "zhao pai tau fu", which means
the most recommend and represented beancurd of the restoran.

(aiyoo..... sorry cause my broken english. :P I've been try my best to do all the explanation.)

Kampar Famous Biscuits

I like this kind of biscuit, it's very crispy than other similiar biscuit.

I think Every Malaysian know about this biscuit. isn't it?!!
but I still don't understand why it called " Chi Chai bing"?
translated to english is "chicken's biscuit". it's really funny, right?

"Sa Qi Ma" was kind of very sweet and sticky biscuit.